Flower Drapes

Flower Drapes are added “bling” for your NagFlag. The flowers cover up the attachment to the saddle and make a finished look to your NagFlag.

You may see huge flower arrangements on the back of the rodeo queen’s horse, but who can get their leg over that???  Our drapes are lower than the back of your saddle, have grommets that match your NagFlag grommets so can be attached together to the back of  your saddle, and look great.    We are currently making drapes in red, white and blue but can make any colors you would like.

If you are interested in a custom design, let us know.  We’ll work with your ideas to make exactly the look you want.

Flower Drape full lengthWinners! Paso Fino's were the best Horse and Rider Mounted Group!

Winners! Paso Fino’s were the best Horse and Rider Mounted Group!


Base of the drape with grommets to match your NagFlag for easy installation.
Base of the drape with grommets to match your NagFlag for easy installation.

Flower Drape 3Every drape is hand made and may be a little bit different than those shown here, depending on flowers available.  We have chosen red, white and blue for summer parades as most summer parades have lots of American flags and celebrate a holiday like Memorial Day, Labor Day and the 4th of July.  For Christmas parades, we will be doing Christmas colors and decorations in the drape.  Let us know your ideas.  You may want several drapes to use with one NagFlag,  allowing you to change out the drape for each occasion.

NagFlag Flower Drapes are 30 x 4 inches at the base.  The flowers and leaves will extend approximately an inch over the base on the ends and the back side of the drape.  You will not be able to see the grommets or the back of the saddle where the NagFlag and Drape are attached.  Whatever you use to attach your NagFlag and Drape will slide easily through both as the grommets will match.  (We use long leather boot shoe laces.  They can be found in any grocery store, come in black and brown and are long enough to tie on your NagFlag, a jacket or your saddlebags.  Very versatile little things and they actually stay tied!)

NagFlag Drapes are $40 for the basic Drapes shown here.  That includes shipping in the Continental US, if shipped with your NagFlag.  Additional shipping charges may apply for custom orders.